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Economics: BS in Business Economics

Business Economics is a specialized area of economics that uses economic analysis to make strategic business and management decisions. Armstrong’s Bachelor of Science in Business Economics degree emphasizes workforce development, firmly informed by a liberal arts education and provides an opportunity for students to gain practical business skills and develop complex practical reasoning. This degree prepares graduates for a knowledge-based economy that relies on creativity and critical thinking, while providing the quantitative skills essential for the analysis of business problems.

This degree will provide:

Program of Study

A. General Requirements - 64 hours

B. Courses Related to Major - 30 hours

C. Additional Requirements - 30 hours

Total Semester Hours - 124 hours

Why does this program require a minor?

The Bachelor of Science in Business Economics blends knowledge of economics with business skills and offers students an option to make their degree unique to their intended career goals by requiring a minor. For instance, a student with a major in Business Economics and a minor in Theater will be better prepared to oversee theater operations, as compared to a student of business without a minor. Other minors, such as in Health Science, prepare students for management positions in a wide variety of nonprofit or other organizations by providing meaningful contextual background and disciplinary knowledge.