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Department of Criminal Justice, Social & Political Science

Our mission is to provide excellent educational opportunities for all students, whether you’re majoring in Criminal Justice, Law & Society or Political Science, or simply need to fill a general education requirement. 

In our department, you’ll find caring, motivated and talented professors who aim to make your educational experience a positive one.

This is an exciting time to be studying and working in the social and behavioral sciences. There are many public and private industry-related careers within Criminal Justice, Law & Society and Political Science. We offer a diverse set of courses, research opportunities and internships in federal, state and local government agencies, as well as private corporations. Whether your goal is to work in international relations, government or pursue a law degree, our advanced opportunities will help you compete in the professional world. 

Please call, e-mail or drop by if you have any questions. My door is always open. We look forward to helping you achieve your educational goals.

Dr. Daniel Skidmore-Hess

Department Head, Criminal Justice, Social & Political Science