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Department of Chemistry and Physics

Welcome to the home page for the Department of Chemistry and Physics at Armstrong Atlantic State University!  For the latest information on the activities in our programs, please see the news items below.
In our department, you will find a host of excellent and engaging opportunities. From bachelor's degrees in biochemistry, chemistry and physics as well as pre-professional programs, our department is full of possibilities. I encourage you to explore our website and visit our department to learn more about the people that make our programs special. 
Please write, call, or visit if you have any questions about our department, programs or people.

Will E. Lynch, Ph. D.
Department Head,Chemistry and Physics

Recent News

Jul 06, 2015 - Announcing the 2015 Georgia Power Scholars in the Department of Chemistry and Physics

Congratulations to the 2015 Georgia Power Scholars from the Chemistry and Physics Department.  The scholars are:  Krystin Allaire, (BS Chemistry major, Mentor Drs. Hizer & MacGowan), Annalise Evans, (BS Chemistry major, Mentor Dr. Feske), Alexis Fields (BS Biochemistry major, Mentor Dr. Quillian) and Kimberly​ Mandigo (BS Biochemistr major, Mentor Dr. Weiland).    Congrats to these four scholars!!!

Jun 22, 2015 - Dr. Baird publishes a paper on gravitational potential in the Physics Education

Dr. Bill Baird, physics, has published a paper in the journal the Physics Educator.  The paper is titled "Gravitational Potential: A Thought Experiment" and describes an experiment related to the gravitational analog to electrostatic potential which is taught in the second semester physics.  The complete reference is Physics Education, 50(4), 2015, 397.

Jun 11, 2015 - Drs. Lynch, Padgett and Quillian publish a paper with undergraduate chemistry major John Haddock.

John Haddock, Armstrong chemistry major published a paper in the journal Acta Crystallographica, Structural Chemistry with Drs. Will Lynch​, Clifford Padgett and Brandon Quillian.  The article describes the synthesis, characterization and structural determination of the first reported cationic square planar tetrathione gold(III)  complex in the literature.  Although similar complexes of tetrathiolates are known this thione complex is the first of its class. The reference is Acta Cryst. (2015), C71, 298.

Jun 11, 2015 - Drs. Quillian and Padgett publish a paper with two undergraduate Armstrong students.

Undergraduate students Jordan Hendricks and Matthew Trivitayakhun have published a paper as co-authors with Drs. Quillian and Padgett in the journal Acta Cryst.  The paper describes the x-ray structure of 3-amino-4-nitrobenzyl acetate.  The full title of the paper is "Isolation of 3-amino-4-nitrobenzyl acetate:  evidence of an undisclosed impurity in 5-amino-2-nitrobenzoic acid." The reference is: Acta Cryst (2015), E71, 606.

Jun 11, 2015 - Dr. Padgett publishes a paper in the New Journal of Chemistry

Dr. Clifford Padgett, along with co-authors from Georgia Southern University have published a paper in the New Journal of Chemistry.  The paper describes the novel sensor that can "sense" common anion.  The full title is:  '"A simple and effective 1,2,3-triazole based ‘‘turn-on’’ fluorescence sensor for the detection of anions". The reference is: New J. Chem., 2015, 39, 295 and the Georgia Southern University authors are Debanjana Ghosh, Shannon Rhodes, Karena Hawkins,Domonique Winder, Austin Atkinson, Weihua Ming,  Jeffrey Orvis, Karelle Aikena and Shainaz Landge*.


Read More Foram Group Charitable Foundation Donates $100,000 to Armstrong State University’s Aquaponics Research Center

(October 5, 2015) – The Foram Group Charitable Foundation presented a  $100,000 check to fund the creation of Armstrong State University’s Aquaponics Research Center on October 1.

Read More Voices of Hope: Armstrong leads autism community support, outreach

(September 1, 2015) Lakesha Lewis, a behavior therapist and Master of Public Health candidate at Armstrong, has been making waves within coastal Georgia’s autism support network since moving to Savannah from Los Angeles five years ago.

Read More Two Professors Selected as 2015 Governor's Teaching Fellows

(June 4, 2014) — Two faculty members at Armstrong Atlantic State University -- associate professor of Criminal Justice, Social and Political Science Dr. Becky da Cruz and assistant professor of Psychology Dr. Mirari Elcoro -- were recently selected as Governor’s Teaching Fellows for the 2014 Summer Symposium Program.

Read More 2015 Engineering Design Challenge on April 25

(April 14, 2015) — Armstrong State University’s Engineering Studies Program will host the 2015 Engineering Design Challenge, which will showcase the ingenuity and creativity of students from Johnson High School, Beach High School, Savannah High School, Savannah Early College, Savannah Christian Preparatory School, Richmond Hill High School, Savannah Arts Academy and Jenkins High School. 

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