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Chemistry & Physics: Faculty Resources

Linked are the Department of Chemistry and Physics Faculty Resources

Department Minutes 2006 - 2017

ACS Examination Aministration Policy

ACS Examination Final Exam Grade Contribution Policy

APAR - Blank Faculty Annual Professional Activities Report Document

Blood Bourne Pathogen Policy

BS-ACS Certification Course Subsitution Policy

BS-ACS Certification CHEM 4991 Final Paper Policy

Chemical Hygiene Plan (Feb. 2017)

Chemial Inventory Policy (Feb 2017)

Chemistry Laboratory Pregnancy Policy

Class and Laboratory Component Grading Policy

Department Emergency Action Plan

General Chemistry Lecture Course Policy

Hazardous Waste Handling Policy

Hurricane Preparedness Policy (Updated May 2017)

Incident Report

Laboratory Assistant Safety Contract

Laboratory Assistant Safety Policy

Organic Chemistry Laboratory Safety Policy

Physics Laboratory Safety Policy

Principles of Chemistry I (CHEM 1211) Outcomes

Safety Policy

Tenure and Promotion Guidelines (November 2016)

Test and Attendance Policy

Workload Course Release Policy