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Chemistry & Physics: Facilities and Instrumentation


The Department of Chemistry and Physics at Armstrong State University is housed in a 129,000sf state of the art science center opened in June 2002.

Facilities include:

2 General Chemistry Laboratories
6 Chemistry Faculty Laboratories
1 Quantitative Analysis Laboratory
1 Electromagnetism Laboratory
1 Instrumental Laboratory
1 Optics Laboratory
1 Organic Laboratory
1 Electronics Laboratory
1 Inorganic Laboratory
1 Modern Physics Laboratory
1 Physical Chemistry Laboratory
1 Mechanics Laboratory
1 Biochemistry Laboratory
1 Geology/Physical Science Laboratory

Major Equipment

All equipment is housed in the Science Center. The equipment is controlled and maintained by the Department of Chemistry and Physics. Numerous networked computers are also available for data analysis and word processing. 

Photos of Major Equipment

Equipment, Model, Date of Purchase:

X-Ray Diffractometer, Single Crystal:  Rigaku, 2012
X-Ray Diffractometer, Powder:  Rigaku, 2013Microwave:  MARS Discovery System, CEM Corporation, 2009
Xray Fluorescence Spectrometer:  Shimadzu micro-Xray 1200, 2008, NSF Grant # 0736706
NMR Spectrometer JEOL 300MHz 2002, 2010, Hitachi 1200 1992
FT Infrared Spectrometer:  Perkin-Elmer Spec. 100 (3), 2006, 07, 11; Spect Two (1), 1999; Spec 65 (2), 2010; Perkin-Elmer RXII 1998
Gas Chromatograph:  Hewlett-Packard 6890, 1998 (FID and TCD detectors)
HPLC:  Shimadzu Prominence LC-20A, 2009 (UV-Vis Detector)
GC/MS: Agilent 2011, Shimadzu QP2010SE, 2014.
Spectrophotometers: Hewlett-Packard 8453 (4), 2011,2003, 1999; Agilent Cary 200 (2), 2013, 2016
Polarimeter:  Anton Paar MCP 200, 2010; Rudolph A12630, 1999
Spectrofluorometer:  Perkin Elmer LS55, 2009;  Shimadzu RF1501, 1999
Atomic Absorption:  Perkin-Elmer AAnalyst 200 (3), 2010, 2014
Calorimetry:  Pyris DSC6 Perkin Elmer, 2002
Mag. Susc. Balance:  Alfa Aesar, 2002
Epi-Fluorescence Microscope: Westover, 2003
DNA Sequencer:  LiCor, 2004
Raman Spectrometer:  Horiba, 2013
FPLC:  GE Healthcare, 2011; BioRad, 2015
Scanning Tunneling Microscope: NanoScience, 2003
Shaking Incubator:  New Brunswick C24, 2012; New Brunswick C24r Thermo MaxQ 5000, 2015
Benchtop Autoclave: Harvery, 2009
Incubator:  Heratherm 100L, 2015
NanoDrop Spectrophotometers:  ND-Lite (2), 2013, 2015
Chromatography Refridgerators: Fischer Scientific Isotemp (2), 2009, 2014
Autoclave:  Zirbus Technology, 2015
-80 C Freezer:  Fisher Isotemp, 2012
Fluorometer:  Qubit, 2013
Gel Transfer System:  BioRad Trans-Blot Turbo, 2015
Electroporator: Eppendorf, 2009
Legend RT Refrigerated Centrifuge: Sorvall, 2009
Sonicating Dismembrator: Fisher Scientific, 2009
Thermocycler: Eppendorf, 2009
15 L Fermenter: VirTis, 2009
75W High Pressure UV-Lamp: Oriel, 2003


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