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CJSPS: BA in Political Science

Leadership in Public Service

  A political science degree provides:

Earning a four-year degree at Armstrong State University in political science will enable the student to understand American government relations, comparative politics, international relations, and political science.

Career Opportunities

Political Science prepares graduates for careers in the legal profession, urban planning, public policy research, journalism, local government, federal and state agencies, the military, college teaching and international business. Political science graduates from Armstrong have gone on to a variety of rewarding careers, including criminal prosecution; public defense; federal, state, and local law enforcement; journalism; local and state planning; Congressional aides; politics; and college teaching and administration.

In the post-Cold War Iinternational system of the twenty-first century, government agencies seek students trained in political economy, computer sciences and foreign languages. For those who are considering graduate careers in political science, it is projected that the academic market will begin to improve early in the next century due to faculty retirements and an increase in undergraduate enrollment. Many political science graduates traditionally find employment in business fields such as marketing, personnel, advertising, public relations, banking and finance. Others obtain management-training positions with public and private corporations. Business firms in the United States and abroad will continue to hire many young political scientists with foreign language and area-study backgrounds.

Program Features

The political science degree provides students with an in-depth exploration of political science as a field of study. This major examines American politics, foreign policy, international relations and comparative politics. Another important feature of this academic program is the comprehensive exploration of American and global judicial systems. This program is highly theoretical while utilizing the practical application of student internships in various local, state and federal agencies. The Political Science faculty is actively engaged in scholarship and public service.

Course of Study

The B.A. in Political Science consists of 124 overall hours (including general education courses). Upon completion of this program, students have gone on to study foreign affairs, political science and law throughout the United States. We also highly recommend political science majors a study abroad as part of their program of study. 

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