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African-American Studies: Faculty & Staff

Michael Benjamin, PhD.
African American Studies Program Director
Assistant Professor (History)
Hawes Hall, Room 108C

Reserach Interests:

Elizabeth Desnoyers-Colas
Associate Professor (Communications)
Jenkins Hall, Room 101

Research Interests:

Regina Bradley, PhD.

Assistant Professor (English)
Gamble Hall, Room

Research Interests:

Maxine L. Bryant, PhD.

Assistant Professor (Criminal Justice)
University Hall, Room 229

Research Interests:

Kwaku Nti, Phd.

Assistant Professor (History)
Hawes Hall, Room 108B

Research Interests:

Randal Reese, DMA.

Professor of Music (Saxophone)
Fine Arts Hall 128

Advisory Board

2015 - 2016 Academic Year

Cameron Coates, PhD, PE.
Professor and Engineering Studies Program Coordinator

Ella Howard, PhD.
Associate Professor of History and Graduate Studies Coordinator

Brenda Logan, PhD.
Associate Professor of Middle/Secondar Education