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African-American Studies: Courses & Requirements

The following African American studies classes are offered at Armstrong. These can be found in the Armstrong Undergraduate Catalog on page 214.

African American Studies Minor - 15 hours

AFAS 2000 Introduction to African American Studies

Must include 9 hours of course work numbered 3000 or above with no more than 6 hours
from a single discipline and at least 6 hours from each of the following areas of


AFAS 4000  Independent Study in African American Studies
AFAS 5000U  Topics in African American Studies
ENGL 2050 Africa and the Diaspora
ENGL 3350 Introduction to African American Literature
ENGL 5355U Black Women Writers
ENGL 5350U Topics in African American Literature
HIST 2100 The African Diaspora
HIST 3150 History of Africa
HIST 3900 African-American History To 1865
HIST 3910 African-American History Since 1865
HIST 5200U Topics in African History
HIST 5650U Topics in African-American History
MUSC 2010 Understanding Jazz

Social Sciences

AFAS 4000 Independent Study in African American Studies
AFAS 5000U Topics in African American Studies
POLS 3980 African Americans and the American Political System
POLS 5430U Governments of Africa
POLS 5510U Third World National Security
POLS 5560U Comparative Foreign Policy
PUBH 5570U Women and Minority Health Issues
SOCI 3200 Racial and Ethnic Minorities
SOCI 4010 Special Topics: Civil Rights Movement: Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi