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Open House

The best way to learn about the Armstrong Campus community is to visit us! At Open House, you and your family can experience all that Georgia Southern University has to offer. Meet with faculty, participate in a hands-on workshop or lecture, learn about admissions and financial aid, tour our beautiful 268-acre arboretum campus, check out residential housing and more! Open House is open to all high school students (focused on seniors), and transfer students. The application fee is waived for all Open House attendees. 

Open House Dates 

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Open House itinerary for Armstrong Campus - Savannah, GA 

8:30am: Check-in - Student Union

9:00am: Welcome - Fine Arts Auditorium

9:45am: Faculty-led workshops, academic program information tables, Student Resource Fair, and campus tours begin

10:30am: Info sessions begin

12:00pm: Faculty-led workshops conclude

12:30pm to 2:00pm: Lunch

2:00pm: Info sessions and tours conclude

Faculty-led workshop descriptions 

I Got Rhythm, How 'Bout You?! with Benjamin Warsaw - Assistant Professor of Music

This musical presentation will include a short performance by Benjamin Warsaw on the piano followed by an introduction to rhythm and music fundamentals. The session will conclude with an interactive performance by the audience and Benjamin.

Ancient Aliens, Popular Ideas of Archaeology, and Sound Historical Inquiry with Dr. Jason Tatlock - Associate Professor of History

The ancient world is fascinating, awe-inspiring, and mind-boggling. Scholars and non-academics share an enthusiastic interest in the peoples of the past and their accomplishments. Some have posited otherworldly sources for the technological achievements of the past, but we will see that this does disservice to the abilities of ancient people as we examine some early human mysteries through the lens of historical inquiry.

How to Train Your Termite with Dr. Jennifer Zettler - Professor of Biology

Like Hansel and Gretel in the classic fairy tale, termites lay down a trail to retrace their steps after a long foraging trip. Rather than leaving a visual trail like bread crumbs, termites have abdominal glands that secrete pheromones to form an invisible path. If a termite finds a good food source on its foraging trip, its chemical trail will recruit and lead other termites to that location. Some common household items contain chemicals that resemble termite pheromones. In today’s activity, you will find the best tools to train your termite.

Aquaponics Research Center Tour with Ashley Marranzino - Interim Curator

The Foram Sustainable Aquaponics Research Center (SARC) is a joint venture between Georgia Southern University and the Foram Foundation. Our aquaponics system is located in an approximately 4100 square foot greenhouse that supports student and faculty research in areas of Biology, Chemistry, Economics, and Engineering.

Who dun it? Solve a mystery in Spanish! with Grant Gearhart - Assistant Professor of Spanish

We’ll learn some basic vocabulary and grammar through exercises and repetition, and then put that new linguistic knowledge to use in order to identify the guilty party. This workshop will take place at the elementary-intermediate levels, and no prior knowledge of Spanish is required.

The Virtual Emergency Room with Dr. Doug Masini and Sherry Warnock - Department Head, Department of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Sciences, and Program Coordinator, Respiratory Therapy. Sherry: Lecturer and Simulation Coordinator, School of Nursing

Interactive simulation of a true emergency room. Volunteers will be able to directly participate in a simulated patient interaction involving a motor vehicle accident.