Study Abroad - India

Date: May 6 - 20, 2016

Cost: $3,500 plus tuition

This trip will allow the program facilitators to incorporate pertinent religious, historical, ethnic, archaeological, and cultural data into the real classroom experience. Students will have the opportunity to learn and get exposed to historical and contemporary issues related to statehood, nationalism, culture and traditions, religious activities as well as current politics in India. The trip is an eye-opener for students interested in Asian politics as well as those who want to explore global politics from scratch.

Courses Offered

HIST 3000
POLS 1150
POLS 5120
POLS 5410
POLS 5460
SOCI 1101
SOCI 2000
SOCI 3200
SABR 2960

Contact Director

Dr. Nalanda Roy