Undergraduate Research: Grants

Submission deadlines for the 2016-2017 academic year:

                            Friday, September 30th

                            Friday, November 18th

                            Friday, February 5th

Grants are available only for academic undergraduate research projects taken for Armstrong class credit. These grants are not to be used to replace departmental budget responsibilities for typical classroom work and cannot be used to purchase computer equipment. You are expected to consult with your research mentor (the instructor of your course) for help in completing this application. All expenses must be accompanied by receipts which should not include sales tax.  Each student can download the tax exempt form from the Purchasing website.

Proposal and Budget

Please provide a 250 WORD PROPOSAL of your research or creative project. Work with your mentor to ensure that the proposal appropriately conveys the kind of work you will be doing this semester and why this grant money will facilitate undergraduate research. If you are traveling to a conference, please include all relevant details (title of conference, dates, and location) and the type of presentation you are making. Also confirm that you plan to present your research at Armstrong's Student Scholars Symposium. As best you can, follow the conventions that a professional scholar in your discipline would use to write the proposal. Also include a detailed budget that identifies how you will spend the funds allowed for your project. ($200 per individual researcher per academic year) For travel, include shared expenses where possible. Please be sure to examine our model applications in the right hand column, and include a word count alongside your name and title.

What is Refundable?

individual costs associated with traveling to a conference to present student-created work
supplies needed to present undergraduate research projects at an academic conference (including the Armstrong Student Scholars Symposium) and poster printing fees
supplies needed to complete an undergraduate research project
subscriptions, memberships, and fees paid to institutions to complete research (online or in person)

What is Not Refundable?

travel expenses already covered by the department sponsoring student conference attendance (i.e. – you cannot get reimbursed twice for the same expenses)
costs of meals or parking while conducting research or while attending conferences.
costs of computer software
wear & tear reimbursement for car travel

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