Security Resources 2016

Protecting your personal information

Cyber Security is a term that encompasses various measures that range from protecting computers and networks to protecting personal information from Cyber Predators. Here you will find additional resources to help protect your personal information from these threats. 

Mobile Tips

Mobility and access at our fingertips is an essential part our daily lives but it's important to understand how to protect yourself when connecting on the go! Below is a list of useful resources provided by the Department of Homeland Security and Federal Communications Commission.

It's time to enable 2-Step Verification

Two step-verification protects your accounts by requiring you to provide an additional piece of information after you give your password to get into your account.  The idea is that you're drastically more secure if somebody needs both your password and the physical phone to get access to your accounts.  For example, Armstrong.edu email has a 2-Step verification option, click below for more more information, on how to apply 2-step verification to your account.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT technology is driven by personal information – so it’s important to be proactive about understanding what information your devices collect about you, how that information is used, where it’s being stored and what kind of control you have over it. 


Read More Armstrong Promotes Tim Moody to Chief Information Officer

(July 26, 2016) – Armstrong State University recently promoted Tim Moody, an information technology leader with 22 years of industry experience, to Chief Information Officer. In his new position, Moody is responsible for strategy and implementation of all technology at the main campus in Savannah and the Armstrong Liberty Center in Hinesville. He also serves as a key advisor on the President’s Cabinet at Armstrong.

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