Human Resources: TAP Frequently Asked Questions

If I will reach my six month mark by the start of classes, will I be eligible for TAP?

No. There is a gap between when TAP applications are due and when classes begin. The length of this gap varies per semester, but employees must have passed their six month mark by the TAP application due date, not by the start of classes.

How many credits will TAP cover?

TAP will cover up to 9 credits in total. Any credits in excess of this amount will be the responsibility of the TAP student.

Can I take classes at more than one USG institution?

Yes. TAP can be used for more than one institution in the same semester. In order to do this, the TAP student will need to fill out a TAP application for each instutituion, and all applications will need to be approved by the direct supervisor. TAP will still only be applied to a total of 9 credits.

What is the difference between my "teaching institution" and my "home institution"?

Your "teaching institution" is the institution at which you take your courses. Your "home institution" is the institution at which you work.

If I get approval by the professor or my academic advisor, can I register for classes before the TAP registration period?

No. TAP particpants must register for classes during the designated TAP registration period for their "teaching institution" (the institution where they are taking classes.) Registering outside of this time frame will render the TAP application ineligible and class fees will be the responsibility of the student.

Can I use TAP for eCore classes and regular online classes?

Yes. However, there is a difference in cost between an online class and an in-person class. Online and eCore classes are more expensive than in-person classes. At this time, TAP does not cover the difference, and the overage for an online or eCore class will be the responsibility of the student.

I'm taking all online classes and am attempting to estimate my out-of-pocket cost. How can I do this?

Participants can get an idea of what their out-of-pocket tuition would be by visiting the Bursar's page, where tuition and fee schedules are available. Then, take the normal grad tuition rate for the program and subtract the online rate from that; the result will be the portion for which the student is responsible.

What is not covered by TAP?

TAP does not cover excess fees, including lab fees or special student fees. Additionally, there are programs considered "ineligible"; these programs include dental, law, medical, pharmacy, veterinary, or executive/premiere or comparable graduate school programs. Additionally, workshops, seminars, continuing education courses, management development programs, special examiniations for admission to degree programs, or private consultant refresher courses to take examinations such as C.P.A. certification, admissions examinations, and related types of programs or classes are not covered by TAP.

Why have I been notified that I owe money for classes if I am a TAP student?

There is a natural gap between when billing notifications are sent to students and when the TAP benefit is applied. TAP students at Armstrong will not be dropped from their classes for non-payment during this time. However, any remaining balance after the benefit has been applied must be paid by the deadline. Students with account balances will not be able to register for classes the following semester until the balance is paid.

Do I have to take classes at the same institution at which I work?

No. Eligible employees are welcome to take classes at any USG institution.

Can I transfer my TAP to my family or use it for my family, as well?

No. TAP is only available to full-time employees who are in a benefits-eligible position with a USG institution. It cannot be transferred or split to another individual.

Can I apply for TAP if I haven't been accepted to my teaching institution yet?

Eligible employees are encouraged to apply for TAP in the case that they will be accepted by the time their TAP application is processed. Your teaching institution TAP coordinator will verify your Admissions standing. If you have not been accepted by the time s/he conducts this verification, they may reach out to you in an effort to work with you. It is at the descretion of the TAP coordinator to allow you more time to be accepted. TAP particpants must be accepted by the start of the class registration period.

Do I have to be seeking a degree in order to use TAP?

No. Participants do not have to be enrolled in a degree program to utilize TAP. However, participants are required to have successfully completed the Admissions process for their institution of choice and be taking classes that result in an academic credit.

What happens if I fail a class while using TAP?

TAP students are required to maintain a "C" grade average or better in all TAP classes. If a student receives a grade below the "C" average, s/he will be ineligible from the TAP program for a semester. The student may still register for classes, but tuition will be paid out-of-pocket. Additionally, any TAP student receiving a "W" for a late withdrawal from a class will be ineligible to use the TAP program for a semester. Again, classes can be taken, but tuititon will be the responsibility of the student. Any TAP students receiving an "I" will have one semester to complete the class. The grades for the class must be sent to the teaching institution TAP coordinator before the student can apply for TAP the following semester. If the student fails to complete the incomplete class, s/he will be required to sit out a semester.

Students required to sit out a semester from the TAP program due to grades will not be forced to pay back the tuition.

What do I do if I had to register for classes different from those I listed on my TAP form?

TAP students should attempt to register for the classes that they have listed on their TAP form first. However, if these classes are full and the student registers for other classes, the new classes must be sent via email to the TAP coordinator. 

How often do I have to apply for TAP?

Employees wishing to use the TAP benefit must submit an application for each semester in which they wish to use the benefit. Without an approved application, the TAP benefit cannot be applied.

Can I send my application to the institution at which I want to take classes (my teaching institution)?

No. The application must go through a vetting process, and this must be done by the home institution TAP coordinator. Any coordinators receiving applications from TAP students will send the application to the home institution TAP coordinator for processing, which may delay the process.

Can I appeal a decision?

Each USG institution is empowered to create an internal process to review TAP application denials. At Armstrong, all TAP decisions are first made by the TAP Coordinator. Any appeals thereafter are heard by the Director of Human Resources. The USG BOR does not hear appeals regarding the TAP process.