Human Resources: Staff Searches - Travel and Expenses

One of the most influential pieces of recruiting is the experience a candidate has while on-campus. Many details must be taken into consideration when planning the on-campus visit and interview.

Let's walk through the on-campus experience together.

The Chair of the Search Committee, or the Hiring Manager leading the search, will be responsible for making arrangements for a one or two day campus visit for finalists. Typically, faculty candidates arrive mid-day or later on their first day, and depart late afternoon on the second. Candidates for Director and VP positions may be invited for a two-day visit.

Sharing Savannah

Remember, the on-campus visit is not just about us interviewing the candidates, but about the candidates interviewing us, as well. The successful acquisition of talent includes showing candidates all that their potential new home has to offer.

On the day of arrival, plan time to give the candidate a quick tour of Savannah, including the historic district and the Southside area surrounding campus. You may also wish to include a campus tour, if one has not be included on your interview itinerary.

Additionally, the Search Chair should plan on taking the candidate to dinner; you may also wish to include several Search Committee Members, as well. Choose a restaurant that is of reasonable price, but that may give the visiting candidate a true "taste" of Savannah. {Be sure to have confirmed with the candidate any dietary restrictions before making reservations.}

Meal Reimbursement

Candidate meals to/from Savannah and during the stay will be reimbursed to the candidate at current per diem rates. One Armstrong employee meal will be reimbursed at per diem, if accompanying the candidate. Should you wish to include other Search Committee Members, or if the amounts are in excess of the per diem rate, they must be funded from Foundation funds. You may wish to reach out to ensure these funds are available before selecting additional committee members to accompany you and the candidate to dinner.


The search fund will provide:

In order to ensure proper reimbursement, the Search Chair or Hiring Manager leading the search, should provide the candidate with a Travel Reimbursement Request Form prior to the candidate's departure from Armstrong. All supporting receipts must be attached, and the form must be completed with all required information, in order to be processed.

If the candidate is unable to complete the request form prior to departure, the form must be returned to the Search Chair or Department Head within 45 days of the on-campus interview.

Once completed, the form should be turned into the Hiring Manager or Department Head for approval; it will then be forwarded to the Provost's office for approval and submitted to Business and Finance for payment.

Keep in mind that relocating for a new opportunity brings with it many emotions and a lot of planning. Assist your candidates to see and better understand the opportunities available to them not only at Armstrong, but within the Savannah community, by spending a little time acquainting them with our beautiful city.