File System Testing Page

This page is for testing file uploads configuration. I tested below recommendations except where noted and provided notes about my test below.


Questions to Answer

Testing Notes

For the test, I moved the a-team folder into the Documents tree from the testup tree (drag and drop in Assets menu tool), then used the Assets menu tool to upload the hero image above as well as the Mime Types Word Document and a random PDF file

I set up the a-team folder in EE File Upload Prefs, then attempted to add the quick links at left using the QuickLinks Document upload utility, but it doesn't help because that field is set to File type and the only file location options are "All" or specific folders. (I have since removed the File Upload Pref for this folder because it appeared in the main list in Assets. Currently all member groups have access to the top-level Documents and testup folders, so this redundant listing would have been confusing, but I think we could grant each member group access to only their subfolder and eliminate any confusion. This would also remove their access to other member groups documents and force them to upload docs only into their own folder where they can manage them properly.)

Options for Quick Links Files

I tested all the links on this page to make sure they worked, then moved the entire folder back under the testup tree to test that they continue to work. (Assets automatically reroutes all the links so they continue to work when the file is moved or renamed. Note: this fixes in-system links that aren't hard-coded, but search results and direct links from elsewhere will be broken unless we also add a detour like "%images/uploads/a-team%%" to "documents/a-team". At least, I think that is the correct syntax.

Second test

  1. members used for test: Janice as Super Admin; Kristen Stanford as temporary employees, Michael Leverett as Marketing
  2. Moved a-team to Documents tree. (a few files already in the folder from previous test: list_of_mime_types.docx, minutes-2016_03_02-UCC.pdf, quicklinks-file-as-assets.png, error-delete-after-attempted-overwrite.png)
  3. Viewed page with links. Assets field (image) came over fine, but there were problems with all WYGWAM links. They converted as https://www.armstrong.edu/images/uploads/a-team/minutes-2016_03_02-UCC.pdfminutes-2016_03_02-UCC.pdf} which threw a "invalid URI" error due to the "}" on the end. Would also be an invalid URL. Should have converted to https://www.armstrong.edu/documents/a-team/minutes-2016_03_02-UCC.pdf (see Step 6 in the Amazon S3 article for how to deal with this). 
  4. Created File Uploads location for Above and Beyond (a-team) and gave just the member group "temporary employees" access.
  5. Super Admins can always see file locations, so it showed up for my user in Assets, but Marketing users (Michael) cannot see it.
  6. Removed "temporary employees" access from both top-level folder locations, "Documents" and "uploads". Kristen can not see these folders in Assets.
  7. As Kristen, uploaded a document into the Above And Beyond location for the a-team folder. Document was Annual_Security_Report_2012.pdf
  8. As Janice, attempted to view the file through the Documents/a-team location, but it didn't show up. Reindexed the folder and then it appeared in the list.
  9. Edited links on this page.... unsure exactly what I did at this step, so will need to repeat the whole test and make better notes, as the results below were confusing.
  10. Moved folder back to Uploads. 
  11. tested links in this page. found that the mimes docx was linked to uploads location, but the minutes pdf was still linked to the documents location. The quick link to security report (new file) was also still pointed at documents location. However, the WYGWAM link to documents continues to work, while the Quick Link (which was a hard-coded URL) does not.