File System Testing Page

Nothing to see here except a link to the Mime Types Document and a random PDF file. I uploaded the hero image above and the Word doc from the Assets menu tool after moving the a-team folder from the testup tree into the Documents tree. I attempted to add the quick links at left using the QuickLinks Document upload utility. I set up the new file folder in EE File Upload Prefs to make the folder available there, but it doesn't work because the field is set to File and you must select to use All or specific folders. (I have since removed the File Upload Pref for this folder because it appeared in the main list in Assets. Would be interesting to find out if it appears there only for member groups granted access in the pref.)

Options for Quick Links Files

I tested all the links on this page to make sure they worked, then moved the entire folder back under the testup tree (Assets automatically reroutes all the links so they continue to work when the file is moved or renamed.

Note: this fixes in-system links that aren't hard-coded, but search results and direct links from elsewhere will be broken unless we also add a detour like "%images/uploads/a-team%%" to "documents/a-team". At least, I think that is the correct syntax.