Faculty Development - Current Grant Recipients

Teaching and Learning Grants: 2015 - 2016

Virginia Hutton Estabrook, Anthropology
"Incorporating Active Learning into the Anthropology Curriculum", $1,997

Catherine MacGowan, Chemistry with Sarah Grey, Chemistry
"Using Chemistry in Art to Engage Students in the Chemistry Curriculum and Real World Problem Solving", $1,936

Traci Ness, Biology
"Improving Student Learning in Immunology on a Case-by-Case Basis"$2,000

Patricia Wachholz, Education
"Improving the Quality of Academic Writing through Deep-Reading of Scholarly Mentor Texts"$2,000

William Baird, Physics
"Equipping the Scientific Glassblowing Laboratory", $1,500


Research & Scholarship Grants 2015 - 2016

Heather Joesting, Biology with Melanie Link-Perez, Biology
"Exploring Genetic Variation within a Coastal Population of Large-leaf Pennywort Using Direct DNA Sequencing", $1,895

Paul Dunn, Biology
"Just How Dangerous is Birth? A Proposed Examination of Mortality Associated with Hatching a Marine Barnacle"$1,968

Melanie Link-Perez, Biology
"Continuing Investigations into the Role of the Hybridization in the Formation of New Fern Species", $1,785

Sarah Grey, Chemistry
"Coupled Biogeochemical Cycles: Coastal Eutrophication and Ocean Acidification", $2,000

Scott Mateer, Biology
"Understanding the role of Substrate-Specificity Loop A in Yeast Reductases", $1,950

Felicity Turner, HIstory
"Racializing Infanticide and Infant Murder in the Reconstruction North", $2,000

Lea Padgett, Chemistry with Sarah Gray, Sarah Zingales & Mitch Weiland, Chemistry
"Quantification of Alpha Acids in the Beer Fermentation Process", $2,000

Aaron Schrey, Biology
"Epigenetic Variation in Respose to Fire-based Environmental Stress Among Florida Scrub Reptiles", $1,924

Jennifer Brofft Bailey, Biology with Kathryn Craven, Biology
"Characterization of Microbes in Loggerhead Nesting Sand", $2,000

Sarah Zingales, Chemistry
"Design and Synthesis of Chalcone Analogs as Anti-Cancer Therapeutics", $2,000

Gary Guillet, Chemistry
"Metal-Metal Bonded Trimers of Iron, Insights into the Behaviors of Linear Metal-Metal Bonds", $1,607

Nathaniel Shank, Chemistry
"Developing Photoswitchable Peptide Nucleic Acids for In Vivo Gene Regulation"$1,882

Tricia Brown, Mathematics
"Using Decomposition Techniques to Explore the Minimal Free Resolutions of Path Ideals of Rooted Trees"$2,000

Mitch Weiland, Chemistry
"A Chimeric Approach Toward Identifying the Functional Regions within Human Perforin"$1,524

Karen Hollinger, English
"Biographical Films of Women", $2,000

Nicole Davis, Chemistry
"Development of an Assay to Characterize Lipid Binding of Noxol", $1,934