Program Integrity Student Consumer & Complaint Process


The Program Integrity Rule requires that each college or university authorized to offer postsecondary education in one or more states ensures access to a complaint process in support of Title IV (Federal Student Aid) of the Higher Education Act (HEA), as amended (the "Program Integrity Rule") on July 1, 2011.  Armstrong seeks to resolve all student concerns in a expeditious and effective manner. Therefore, a complaint process has been developed to provide students with a system for discussing concerns or registering formal complaints that pertain to, but are not limited to:

  1. Alledged violations of State consumer protection laws that include but are not limited to fraud and false advertising;
  2. Alledged violations of State laws or rules relating to the licensure of postsecondary institutions; and
  3. Complaints relating to the quality of education or other State or accreditation requirements.

Armstrong State University, as an institution authorized to provide postsecondary education in the State of Georgia, is committed to full compliance with the Program Integrity Rule -

Armstrong is also an accredited institution under the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools (SACS)

The Offices of Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Admissions, Bursar, Registrar and Financial Aid all provide specific administrative means to address and resolve questions and concerns students may have relating to the Program Integrity Rule. Contact information for each of the offices is included below:

  • Office of Academic Affairs (academic programs, accreditation):  912-344-2589
  • Office of Student Affairs (student and campus life):  912-344-2514
  • Office of Admissions (admissions eligibility):  912-344-2503
  • Office of the Bursar (tuition/fee payments):  912-344-3243
  • Office of the Registrar (academic records):  912-344-2576
  • Office of Financial Aid (loans, scholarships, grants):  912-344-3266

Complaint Resolution by State

Federal regulations require Armstrong to provide prospective and current students with contact information for filing complaints with the appropriate state agency where the student resides.  Therefore, students may file a complaint with their State.  The link below provides contact information for each state education agency and their Complaint Process.

Student Complaint Information by State Agency opens a new window

Georgia State Contact

Georgia Department of Education - Office of Legal Affairs
2062 Twin Towers East
205 Jesse Hill Jr. Dr. SE
Atlanta, GA 30334