Student Government Association Leadership

The Student Government Association (SGA) is an organization for undergraduate students that would like to take an active role in enhancing the student experience at Armstrong. SGA Senators and Executives work closely with faculty and administration on campus to create a better and safer college experience for all students. SGA positions are a yearly commitment and students must be elected each year. The election process generally starts in February for positions during the next academic year. All students are invited to SGA meetings, which are held Mondays at 12:15pm in Student Union Ballroom A.

Requirements: Senator: 2.5 GPA; At least 15 hours at Armstrong
Treasurer and Secretary: 2.7 GPA; at least 15 credit hours, all of which were obtained at Armstrong.
President and Vice President: 2.7 GPA; at least 45 hours credit, 30 of which are to be obtained at Armstrong during 3 of the last 4 semesters.

Contact: Office of Student Life, MCC 201, 912-344-2504