2014-2015 Student Government Association Goals

Executive Board Mission Statement

The Student Government Association is committed to serving the student body of Armstrong State University by providing support and guidance to those in need, promoting culture of engagement and inclusion on campus, and advocating for the rights of those who seek our counsel. As the executive board, it is our intention to aid students in their ability to reach their full potential academically, socially, and financially.

Strong Pillars

Strong Communication

Financial Support

Spend Strong

RSO Outreach


  1. Expand hours of the library and learning commons
  2. Toys for Tots
  3. Create new campus traditions
  4. Communicate with Athletics and advocate for a pep band
  5. Collaborate with Alumni Affairs to plan Homecoming
  6. Revise election codes and executive responsibilities
  7. Pharaohs cash conversion WEPA (wireless everywhere printing anywhere)
  8. Streamline housing maintenance requests
  9. Improve campus lighting
  10. Student Activity hours
  11. Game Room/Student Resource Center
  12. Promote Universal Parking decal/revamp parking regulations
  13. Define what a student activity group is for the purposes of requesting funds from SAFC