Recruitment Manual

Want to Participate in Fall Recruitment?

Since you followed this link, you must be thinking about joining a sorority. This guide should answer some of your immediate questions. Read through the following information and if you are still not sure, stop by the Office of Student Life to ask additional questions. The process is fun and a great way to meet people. Yes, it can be a little stressful but information found here should clarify the expectations and the process. Membership is very rewarding and does not stop after you graduate. Greek women are more involved on campus, hold leadership positions, provide service to the community and excel academically, all while cultivating lifelong friendships.

Scholastic Achievement
A primary focus of the College Panhellenic and its respective chapters is striving to maintain an all-sorority average above the all-women's average through the encouragement of manageable programming and recognition of academic improvement and excellence. If you join a group, know that one of the first priorities is supporting your academic success.

What is hazing?
The National Panhellenic Conference and Armstrong's Panhellenic Council express strong opposition to all forms of hazing and recognize the rights of every person to be treated with courtesy, respect, and dignity. The Greek Community Standards found on the Armstrong Greek FAQs web site clearly state our expectations related to hazing.

Potential New Member's (PNM) Bill of Rights
A PNM has the right to:

Who can be a PNM?
A woman is eligible to participate in formal recruitment if she is regularly admitted and currently enrolled for college credit hours at Armstrong in the Fall Semester. If you are an initiated member of an NPC group, from Armstrong or any other university, you are not eligible to be a PNM. Also, you are ineligible if you were a PNM of an NPC sorority on this campus within the same calendar year of this recruitment. To be considered, you must register for Formal Recruitment, attend Open House, Panhellenic Orientation and all recruitment parties.

What not to do during the process?
All PNMs must provide her own transportation to and from recruitment activities. We encourage you to carpool with others going through the process. This is a great way for PNMs to make connections with others. From the beginning of Formal Recruitment through the acceptance of bids, no PNMs shall visit chapter rooms. No sorority members, including new members and alumnae, may visit a PNM in her place of residence during Formal Recruitment. Sorry, but no hanging out with your friends who are already in an NPC organization. The formal recruitment process begins the Tuesday after Labor Day and ends the following Saturday. Also, no sorority member may buy anything for a PNM (meal, soft drink, etc.) and no PNM may buy anything for a sorority member during the formal recruitment period. Feel free to give gifts after the process is complete.

How do I let the NPC Chapter know I want to join?
First, this is a personal decision and one that should not be made lightly. This group of young women will be your friends for many years to come and the sorority will be a resource to you for a lifetime. In light of that commitment, a PNM shall not give a promise, oral or written, to join a certain sorority before formal bids are issued through Panhellenic. We want you to feel comfortable and make the best decision for you during this process. A PNM shall fill out the Preferential Bid Card immediately after the last party she attends. Once a card has been signed, no change may be made. Know that any PNM signing a Preferential Bid Card and receiving a bid at the end of recruitment shall be bound by the agreement for one calendar year if she is at the same college or university.

How do I remove myself from the process?
In the event of illness or other emergency, notify your Recruitment Counselor or a Panhellenic Delegate. A PNM shall consult her Recruitment Counselor before withdrawing from the recruitment process. In the event the PNM feels she must withdraw from the recruitment process, she shall go to the Office of Student Life, between 8:30 a.m.- 5 p.m., and sign an official Recruitment Withdrawal Form.

Anything else I should know about the Process?
In an effort to make the process fair and less stressful all individuals involved are expected to participate in Strict Silence, the period in which there will be no conversation or contact between sorority members and PNMs. This includes all references to sororities, verbal, written, typed or printed. Strict Silence is the period from the start of Preference Night until the start of Bid Day festivities.

What happens if I think the rules are not being followed?
If you feel that a member of a sorority, or a PNM is violating the rules of Formal Recruitment, we encourage you to report any infraction of recruitment rules to the Campus Panhellenic Advisor, Kara Simmons, CPH Vice President, or CPH President. Go to the Office of Student Life, between 8:30 a.m.- 5 p.m. to discuss any possible infractions.

How should I dress for the different events?
Naturally every woman wants to look her best during Recruitment, so Panhellenic Council has provided the following guidelines on what to wear. Open House, Sisterhood, and Theme Night are more casual events. CPH recommends you wear a nice, comfortable outfit such as a casual dress, a blouse and skirt or pants. Preference Parties are a more formal experience and we suggest you wear some sort of business attire or cocktail dress. For Bid Day, remember you will be outside during the heat of the day. Bid day involves a lot of hugging and celebrating so wear shorts, jeans or other comfortable clothing. Best of all, you will get a Bid day shirt from your new chapter.

What is a recruitment counselor?
Your Recruitment Counselor is a college student who is a member of an National Panhellenic Conference sorority. She will guide you to recruitment parties and be there for you when you have questions. She is charged with helping you have a successful recruitment experience and will keep your questions and comments confidential. Recruitment Counselors are impartial during the process. Only after Formal Recruitment ends will your counselors revel her sorority affiliation. Who knows, this great support during the process may be your sorority sister in the near future.