Greek Terms

"It's All Greek To Me" ?Glossary of Greek Terms

Active - An initiated collegiate member who is currently paying dues to an undergraduate chapter.

Alumna - The graduate members of a Sorority. Plural: Alumnae.

Alumnus - The graduated members of a Fraternity. Plural: Alumnae.

Bid - An membership invitation extended to a prospective member.

Bid Day - The last day of recruitment where a potential new member accepts the bid to become a new member.

Chapter - The local group of undergraduate students on a particular campus recognized by the university and the (Inter)national organization.

Initiation - A ritual based ceremony that marks the acceptance of a lifetime commitment to the fraternity or sorority.

Intake - The term NPHC groups use when bringing in new members into the organization. Each NPHC chapter determines when they will conduct intake.

Membership Intake Process - The joining of a NPHC organization. These organizations recruit members who have a certain number of college credits and grade point average.

New Member - A new member of a fraternity or sorority aspiring to become an initiated member.

New Member Educator - A sister or brother responsible for overseeing the development of new members and their preparation for initiation. This individual serves as a liaison between the new members and the chapter.

Philanthropy - An effort to promote human welfare. Philanthropic activity is one of the foundations of Greek-letter organizations.

Recruitment - The organized period of selecting prospective new members. It is a mutual selection process.