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    1. Academic Record Release: I authorize Armstrong State University’s Office of Student Union and Activities to verify my academic eligibility and to release my GPA to the organizations selected. This authorization shall remain in effect as long as I remain an aspirant/member of the organizations and am enrolled at Armstrong State University.
    2. Hazing Policy: I have read Armstrong Atlantic State University’s Hazing Policy and understand that any violation can result in disciplinary action against individuals as well as organizations. I agree to comply with these policies and will report any form of hazing to the Office of Student Union and Activities.

    Hazing is defined as all rites, ceremonies, practices or orientation into University life or into the life of any University group, which tend to promote or inflict physical or mental suffering, or include destruction of public or private property. Activities considered to be hazing shall include one or both of the following elements: (1) coercion, either overt or covert, and (2) production of physical or mental discomfort in either the participants or the spectators. Such activities suggested by a group or a member of a group to new or trial members will be considered covert coercion, even if the activity is said to be voluntary.

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