2007-2008 Assessment of Learning Outcomes


Student Leader Satisfaction Assessments

An assessment was conducted following the August Leadership Retreat at Ebeneezer.
Participants ranked each program and aspect of the retreat on a five-point scale according to their appropriateness or effectiveness in addressing their planning and training needs.
Learning outcomes were identified for SGA, CUB and Greek student leaders and a survey instrument developed to assess them with the assistance of the Director of
Institutional Research. This was completed by the three groups during spring semester.


While the location, facilities and workshops received high ratings the heat and bugs resulted in lower ratings for the Leadership Challenge Course and the food provided by was so poor as to be detrimental to the program.

Learning Outcomes

81% of SGA members indicated that their involvement with SGA improved their leadership abilities and increased their ability to resolve conflicts. 76% also believe that participating in the SGA increased their ability to solve personal problems. 28% of respondents were neutral as to whether participation had enhanced their participation in social activities and 38% were either neutral (28.6%) or dissatisfied
(9.5%) with the degree to which participation in SGA had helped them clarify their own values.

100% of CUB members indicated that their involvement with SGA improved their leadership abilities with 92% noting that it had also improved their ability to resolve personal conflicts and participate in social activities. 23% were either neutral (15.4%) or dissatisfied (7.7%) with degree to which CUB participation helped them clarify their values.

93% of Greeks responded that their fraternity/sorority experience had enhanced their ability to solve problems and manage conflicts. Similar percentages noted that Greek participation improved their ability to motivate others, establish effective study schedules, set priorities, assume positions of responsibility, organize events and run meetings. The only significant area of concern among Greeks was a 9.5% dissatisfaction with the advice and support of chapter advisers.

Changes Made Due to Responses

Due to the leadership retreat assessment, a different property was identified for the 2008 retreat with more attention to food, outdoor comfort and challenge course functionality. The Director of Student Activities (DSA) will involve 2008 — 2009 SGA members in CUB and other Campus programs and will integrate values clarification workshops into their training during year. The Associate Director of Student Activities (ADSA) will include a values clarification workshop in Campus Union Board training during the year. The DSA and ADSA will develop and present a workshop for all organization advisers. The ADSA will also prepare a supplemental program specifically for Greek Advisers.