Student Activity Fee Committee
Recognized Student Organization Budget Request


Recognized Student Organizations (RSO) may submit a fund request form for Operating Supplies and Expenses only. Operating Supplies and Expenses include the following, programs and activities, food and beverage, and printing and promotion. Please list each program or event in individual budget request submission. All events must be open to all Armstrong students.

Programs and Activities

Discuss the programs and activities the organization plans to sponsor for all students. All costs associated with the program including speaker, performer fees, hotel, and transportation cost, facility and equipment rental, food, printing and promotion, and decoration expenses. List each program separately.

Food and Beverages

The committee will consider requests for funding the cost of refreshments for campus wide events. Any food purchased with activity funds must be included on the event publicity and a copy attached to the payment request.

Printing and Promotion

List any publication that will be printed, including newspapers, journals, and books. Also list any purchases to promote the program and indicate the quantity and distribution plan.

Catering Appeal Process

RSO Budget Hearing Meeting Student Government Association Discussion of Student Activity Recommendation Meeting
August 28, 2015 11 am - 1 pm (First Meeting)  Hearings will continue every other week on Fridays 11 am - 1 pm.
Tybee Conference Room                                           
Requests must be submitted by 5 pm on Wednesdays to be heard during the Friday hearing.