2011-2012 Learning Outcomes for Student Activities:


Learning Outcome: As a result of participating in student activities, 60% of respondents will report enhanced ability to be better students, feel more connected with the university community, gain understanding of the impact of diversity, and gain understanding about their roles in the community.

Method: The Campus Union Board Programming Survey is administered at the end of the spring semester each year utilizing a web-based survey development tool. The Office of Student Union and Activities sends a web-based link to the active survey imbedded in the email to all students. The students were provided the purpose of and directions for completing the survey.  Also, students are sent reminder e-mail messages and the prompt contained the same information as the original e-mail. The survey remains open for two weeks.

Results: 187 Armstrong students responded to the 2011/2012 Campus Union Board Programming Survey. 87.1% of students agreed or strongly agreed that the programs they attended met their expectations.

Based on the programs attended:

·       59.9% of students reported enhanced ability to be a successful student (41.7% Some, 10.7% Quite a bit, 7.5% Very much).

·      55.1% of students said CUB events helped them meet people (47.1% Agree, 8.0% Strongly Agree).

·      64.2% (49.2% Agree, 15.0% Strongly Agree) of students felt more connected to Armstrong as a result of attending CUB events.

·      75.3% (37.4% Some, 23.5% Quite a bit, 14.4% Very much) of students gained understanding of the impact of diversity and learned about others different than them.

·      67.9% (40.6% Some, 15.5% Quite a bit, 11.8% Very much) gained understanding about their role in the community as well as social and legal standards and norms.

Compared with the 2010-2011 survey results, two categories increased.

·      Almost 60% of respondents indicated an enhanced ability to become a successful student, compared with 52.5% last year.

·      Almost 68% of students gained understanding about their role in the community, compared with 62.1% last year.

·      Other categories were fairly consistent with the previous year, one was slightly lower, others slightly higher.

·      Findings indicate that the involvement and programming efforts made some improvement in meeting student learning outcomes from the previous year. There is still significant opportunity in these results to enhance student learning.

Change as a Result of Assessment: In 2012-2013, the Student Union and Activities encouraged collaboration between SGA/CUB and Athletics, Residence Life and Civic Engagement to enhance students feeling more connected to the institution. The Campus Union Board also contracted with a movie program, React to Film, that offers new documentaries, which focus on current topics and issues relevant to coursework and actively invited faculty to offer these programs as class assignments. This program is intended to increase learning opportunities outside the classroom in partnership with academic programs.

Working collaboratively Leadership Programs, Student Activities will continue to offer more intentional leadership development and trainings for student organizations and officers in the 2012-2013 academic year.