2010-2011 Learning Outcomes for Student Activities


Learning Outcome: As a result of participating in student activities, 60% of respondents will report an enhanced ability to be better students, feel more connected with the university community, gain understanding of the impact of diversity, and gain understanding about their roles in the community.

Method: The Campus Union Board Programming Survey is administered at the end of the spring semester each year utilizing a web-based survey development tool. The Office of Student Union and Activities sends a web-based link to the active survey imbedded in the email to all students. The students were provided the purpose of and directions for completing the survey.  Also, students are sent reminder e-mail messages, and the prompt contained the same information as the original e-mail. The survey remains open for two weeks.

Results: 151 AASU students responded to the 2010/2011 Campus Union Board End of Year Programming Survey. 81.3% of students stated the programs they attended met their expectations.

Based on the programs attended:

·      52.5% (33.8% Some, 12.2% Quite a bit, 6.5% Very) reported enhanced ability to be a successful student.

·      57.3% of students said CUB events helped them meet people.

·      63.7% (48.9% Agree, 14.8% Strongly agree) of the students felt more connected to Armstrong as a result of attending CUB events.

·      74.7% (34.8% Some, 25.4% Quite a bit, 14.5% Very much) of students reported that they gained some understanding of the impact of diversity and learned about others different than them.

·      62.1% (28.5% Some, 23.4% Quite a bit, 10.2% Very much) gained some understanding about their role in the community as well as social and legal standards and norms.

Change as a result of Assessment: Student Union and Activities will continue efforts to involve morestudents in programs /events sponsored by this department as well asothers within the Division of Student Affairs and throughout campus. Survey results will be compared with 2011-2012 results to determine any improvements related to increased involvement/promotion efforts.

Student Activities will work with the Organizational Presidents Council (OPC) to provide more intentional leadership training and development opportunities for student organization officers.