Student Organizations

Involvement in a student organization is just one of many ways for Armstrong students to get involved on campus. In case you are not aware, involved students earn better grades, stay in school, and feel more satisfied with their college experience and graduate on time. Ultimately involved students are more marketable when job searching and applying to grad school because students who actively participate outside of the classroom gain valuable experience in the practical aspects of leadership, communication, risk management and teamwork.

At Armstrong, student organizations have the privilege of reserving space on campus, advertising in the student life calendar and other venues, and maintaining a campus mailbox. One of the most important benefits of being a registered student organization is access to the staff in the Office of Student Life, assistance in program planning, risk management, conflict resolution, fundraising or other issues related to your student organization. Plus, student organizations add an important component to campus life by providing an outlet for the student voice to be heard and a vehicle for students to have a substantial impact on campus.

There are various types of organizations in which you can be involved:

Outside Guest Approval Form

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