Science & Technology Expansion Program (STEP)

The incoming STEP class for 2012 consists of men and  women from all over the state of GA.   The students include biology, chemistry, engineering and psychology and math majors working on projects in all of the CST Departments.  

The students and their majors are Front row (left to right):

Rachel Thompson (Biology), Timothy James Duddleston (Biology), Rebekah Robinson (Biology), Elise Santorella (Psychology), Kyron Longwood (Engineering), Thomas Ludwig (Biology), Shyamkumar Sreekumar (Engineering), Solomon Herron (Engineering)

Back row (left to right)

Benjamin Oliver (Biology), Rodney Cameron Riley (Engineering), Matthew Trivitayakhun (Chemistry), Morgan Connor (Biology), Lia Kerkes (Biology), Eric Branch (Chemistry), Thomas Connor Ewing (Biology)

In addition, there are 5 peer-mentors: Madelyn Roush (Chemistry), Arianne Gauthier (Biology), Katherine Gaskin (Psychology), Julie Finnell (Chemistry), and Anthony Ravita (Biology)


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