Science & Technology Expansion Program (STEP)


The incoming STEP class for 2010 consists of 10 men and 7 women from all over the state of GA.   The students include biology, chemistry, engineering and psychology majors working on projects in all of the CST Departments.  The average math SAT score for this group is 609.  After fall semester, 100% of the students are still enrolled at Armstrong and are still STEM majors.  We had a great first semester!

The students and their majors are (Top Row, Left to Right): Akash Mathew (ENGR); Tre Jackson (CHEM); Robert Cook (CHEM); Anthony Ravita (BIOL); Phil Conlee (ENGR); Greg Rago (ENGR); Kevin Soria (ENGR); Matt Rowell (ENGR); Caroline Eastman (Peer Mentor, Psychology); Javier Ceballos (CS); Johnnie Troxell (ENGR)
(Bottom Row, Left to Right):  Chaney Durham (ENGR); Victoria Cammom (BIOL); Beth Boatright (BIOL); Emily Slagle (ENGR); Jolie Dunn (CHEM); April Graves (PSYCH); Amber Howell (BIOL)

In addition, there are 4 peer-mentors: Boris Makhinson (chemistry); Christian Marroco (post-bac pre-med); Misti Gurley (chemistry)  and Carolina Eastman (psychology). 


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