Science & Technology Expansion Program (STEP)

Our inaugural STEP class consists of nine women and six men. The average Math SAT score of an incoming STEP student is 575. Their average high school GPA is 3.5. Most have not had previous research or work experience. Eight were registered for a CHEM/MATH FLC; seven were registered for a BIO/PSYCH FLC.

The projects they are working on include biology, chemistry, engineering, physics and psychology projects.

At the end of freshman year, STEP students attending AASU had a 0.4 higher GPA than non STEP students.  Our retention rate is 75% versus University freshman retention rate of 68%

Our first-year STEP students were : Matthew Pickett (ENGR), Chelsea McBride (BIO), Ryley O'neal (BIO), Brian Redden (ENGR), Zachary Love (CHEM), Timothy Simpson (BIO),  Julie Finell (CHEM/BIO), John Knudsen (BIO), Kirsten Reeves (CHEM), Katherine Gaskin (PSYCH/BIO), Ryan Groom (ENGR), Lamenda Kallam (BIO), Jazmine Carpenter (IT), Arianne Gauthier (CHEM/BIO), and Shelby Parsons (IT).

Our peer-mentors were Mark Bradle (CHEM) and Jenna Eagle (PSYCH).


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