Science & Technology Expansion Program (STEP)


The College of Science and Technology at Armstrong has been funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to offer a summer research scholar program for students majoring in science, math and technology.  The NSF- STEP (Science Technology Expansion Program, DUE-0856593) allows us to offer summer research opportunities, mathematics preparation and potential course credit for up to 10 students in the Class of 2018.  The summer of 2014 is part of a one year extension of the grant funding and is contingent upon budgeting and approval by the NSF.  

STEP scholars will conduct research in the summer before their first year at Armstrong.  If you are interested in any major offered by the College (biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, information technology, mathematics, physics, or psychology) or are interested in pre-professional programs (such as pre-medicine, pre-dentistry and pre-veterinary science), you are encouraged to complete an application for this exciting and competitive program.  

Students selected as STEP scholars will live on-campus for six weeks from June 16-July 25, 2014 free of charge (5 meals per week are included) and will be paid a stipend of $300 each week.   Our dorms rooms are traditional in size and an additional meal plan is available for purchase, and full kitchens are available down the hall.  Students will perform a research project in collaboration with Armstrong faculty and upperclassmen particularly skilled in mentoring young scientists.  Students will also revceive a refresher course in mathematics (no credit) that will help prepare them for teh rigors of College level mathematics.  

STEP scholars will be living in a STEP-themed housing unit in Winward Commons

The combination of the summer research opportunity, the mentoring by faculty and students, the lasting friendships made with other STEP scholars is designed to make the transition to college smoother and to help STEP scholars prepare for the rigorous study that will follow during freshman year.  STEP scholars will be required to follow rules and guidelines for proper work ethic and behavior while at AASU and set an example for other AASU science and technology students. 

Students interested in becoming a STEP scholar must fill out the STEP scholar application which should be submitted electronically no later than May 2, 2014.  Your application should outline your interest in your major, your career goals, your top six selections for research projects and what you would gain from the research experience.  You will also need to provide a letter of reference from a science or mathematics teacher.  You will be interviewed on the phone or in person by a member of the STEP administrative team, as well as interested faculty.  Award notification, by email, will occur on or around June 5, 2014.

It is our goal in the College of Science and Technology to work closely with our students and help all students reach their full potential.  There are many success stories among our students.  Many students go on to medical schools in MD and Md/PhD programs (Medical University of South Carolina, Mercer, Medical College of Georgia, Ohio State, MeHarry, Morehouse); dental schools (Medical College of Georgia); graduate schools (University of Vermont; University of Kentucky; Auburn, Clemson, DePaul, Florida Atlantic University, University of Florida, Florida State, Fordham, GaTech, Georgia Southern, University of Georgia, Helsinki Institute of Technology, University of Mississippi, New Mexico State, Ohio State, University of Oregon, University of South Carolina, South University, University of South Florida, University of Southern Mississippi, Virginia Tech) or obtain employment in their chosen fields (Gulfstream, Arizona Chemical, Avery labs, Lockheed Martin, ProLogic, Inc, City of Savannah).

The AASU College of Science and Technology and the STEP scholar program can prepare you for your bright future! If you or your parents have any questions about the STEP scholar opportunity, I encourage you to call or write Delana Nivens, 912.344.2964 or Dr. Traci Ness , Director of STEP, 912-344-3265.


Armstrong Experience--Caroline Eastman, Peer Mentor

Armstrong Experience--Claudia Alvarado, STEP Student

Armstrong Experience--Phung Hoang Nguyen, STEP Graduate

Armstrong Experience--STEP Students