Faculty member Mirari Elcoro and student Paul Cooke published an article entitled:  "The topic of choice in Psychology-Commentary on Hardy-Vallée (2011)" in New Ideas in  Psychology, 31, 170-171. doi: 10.1016/j.newideapsych.2012.11.001

Faculty member Jonathan Roberts, former faculty member Brad Sturz, Georgia Southern faculty member Kent Bodily, alumna Caroline Eastman, and current students Kate Gaskin and April Graves recently published an article entitled: 
"Beacons and surface features differentially influence human reliance on global and local geometric cues when reorienting in a virtual environment" in Behavioural Processes, 93, 71-81.

Former faculty member Brad Sturz, Georgia Southern colleague Kent Bodily, and Armstrong student Kate Gaskin published:  "Overtraining and the use of feature and geometric cues for reorientation" in Psychological Research, 77, 176-182. [5-year Impact Factor: 2.37]