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With computers and technology affecting most aspects of society, students in Computer Science and Information Technology, learn skills and talents that are in demand for high tech and knowledge-based careers.

Computer science focuses on the development and implementation of algorithmic approaches to solving problems with the aid of computers. Computer scientists will possess knowledge of programming techniques in a variety of languages and paradigms and may design and test logical structures for solving problems with a computer; they may write, test, and maintain software; and they may design hardware and software systems.

Information technology focuses on effective utilization of computing technologies and resources to meet the organizational needs through the selection, creation, application, integration and administration of computer-based systems. Information technology professionals are involved with the deployment and use of computer-based systems.

Students in the Computer Science and Information Technology programs have many opportunities to participate in cooperative education, internships, professional societies, and undergraduate research projects with faculty.

The department offers Bachelor degrees in Computer Science and Information Technology, an online Bachelor degree in Information Technology (Georgia WebBSIT), and a Master's degree in Computer Science.