Computer Science & Information Technology

Spring Banquet 2014

The Department of Computer Science and Information Technology will hold its annual Spring banquet  on April 2, 2014. This year’s gala will be held at the Student Union, Savannah Ballroom.

The banquet provides the opportunity to mingle and interact with each other outside of the academic setting.  A catered meal will be served, and notable achievements will be recognized. 


Spring Banquet 2013 Award Winners

Karla Alwan Scholarship - William Westervelt

Lancy Jen Scholarship - Faith-Anne Kocadag

Jesse Shearous Scholarship:

  • Matthew Antonelli
  • Ryan Kroutil
  • Calum Trotter

Outstanding Student in Computer Science - Dakota Brown

Outstanding Student in Information Technology - Andrew Field

Certificate for Academic Excellence in Information Technology:

  • Matthew Coleman
  • Tracy Denton
  • Andrew Field
  • Jalil Floyd
  • Erin Gann
  • Michelle Jing Lee
  • Jonathan Gilbert
  • Susanne Hall
  • Shubila Kyaruzi
  • Amber Montgomery
  • Charles Moses
  • Timothy Roberts
  • Josiah Siegel
  • Margarita Smith
  • Remer Speaks
  • Devin Wallace
  • Yi Xu

Upsilon Pi Epsilon Inductees

  • Jason Ambos
  • Faith-Anne Kocadag
  • Ryan Kroutil
  • Ethan Pace