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Scholarships & Donations

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Use this searchable database of engineering scholarships to find funding opportunities to support your studies in engineering. Browse by renewability, minimum GPA, enrollment level, ethnicity and more to find the right scholarship to fit your needs.

Giving Opportunities

If you are interested in giving to support Armstrong's Engineering program, please contact the Office of Advancement at 912.344.2541.

When donating, you may need to refer to our specific accounts. The following lists are all engineering-specific donation accounts.

  • Engineering Studies General Fund, 219
  • Engineering Scholarship Fund, 219A
  • Engineering Design Fund, 219D
  • Robert A Burnett Scholarship for Engineering, 331
  • Richard B. "Buddy" DeYoung, 226

Once again, if you are interested in giving, please contact the Office of Advancement at 912.344.2541.