Mirari Elcoro and colleagues from other institutions published an article entitled:  "Combinations of response-reinforcer relations in periodic and aperiodic schedules," in the Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, 99, 199-210. doi: 10.1002/jeab.13

Presentations at the Southeastern Psychological Association, Atlanta, GA, March, 2013:
Students and alumni Olivia Singleton, Amanda Herring, William Worrell, J. Shay, Wendy Lozo, and Cosima Hoetger, under the supervision of Wendy Wolfe and Vann Scott, presented:  "Better to give or to receive?: The role of dispositional gratitude."

Students and alumni Juanita Velez, Lindsay Langton, Kayla Martin, and Catherine Gallahue, under the supervision of Nancy McCarley and co-author Charles Spirrison, presented: "Correlates of sub-clinical narcissism."

Students and alumni Kate Gaskin, Marshall Green, Alicia Evans, April Graves, Danielle Allen, and Rachel Geary, under the supervision of Jonathan Roberts and co-author Brad Sturz, presented:  "Haptic orienting in an enclosure: Spatial geometry learning via touch." 

Student James Parker and alumna Raven Barnes, under the supervision of Joshua Williams, Nancy McCarley, and co-author Ellen Williams, presented:  "Question-writing to enhance active reflection on lecture material."

Presentation at the Comparative Cognition Conference, Melborne, FL, March, 2013:
Students and alumni Marshall Green, Kate Gaskin, Alicia Evans, and April Graves, under the supervision of Jonathan Roberts and co-author Brad Sturz, presented:  "More than a feeling: Incidental learning of array geometry by blind-folded adult humans revealed through touch."