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Department of Computer Science & Information Technology

Bachelor of Information Technology

The Department of Information Technology at Armstrong State University offers a Bachelor of Information Technology degree. We expect that virtually all of the graduates will immediately enter the profession of Information Technology. The major includes courses designed to accomplish the following primary objectives:

  • Prepare students for IT positions in a wide variety of organizations.
  • Provide a sound foundation in IT together with practical aspects of the discipline.
  • Provide knowledge of selecting, designing, developing, managing, integrating, and deploying computer systems in order to achieve organizational objectives through effective resource utilization.
  • Provide students with fundamental skills in IT to be prepared to adapt to technological changes.
  • Computer Science courses generally deal with fundamentals, principles and theoretical aspects of design, development and maintenance of computer systems. The focus of IT is on practical aspects of design, deployment, integration and management of these systems. The two disciplines overlap and complement one another.

Career Opportunities

IT professionals are involved with many facets of deployment and use of computer systems. Jobs are often centered on using organizational resources effectively, including hardware, software, and people. There are an increasing number of positions for computer specialists to train non-computer specialists of a company, as well as roles troubleshooting and dealing with a variety of software and hardware issues. Jobs in data and information services provide many new opportunities for IT specialists. With the continued growth of the Internet, companies are recognizing the value of effective secure storage and retrieval of information.


Employers of Armstrong's graduates include:

  • Apple Computer
  • Data General
  • Delta Airlines
  • Digital Equipment Corporation
  • Georgia Power
  • WTOC
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Honeywell
  • IBM
  • Marietta
  • Oracle Systems
  • Raytheon
  • Wal-Mart
  • Department of Homeland Security

Local employers include Georgia Ports Authority, Go Software, Gulfstream, Verisign, Memorial Medical Center, Savannah Electric, Savannah Foods, City of Savannah, Savannah Labs, Skidaway Institute of Oceanography and Union Camp.

Program Features

Students in Information Technology at Armstrong enjoy small classes that allow them to be known by name and valued as individuals. Discussion between faculty and students often spills over beyond the classroom. Indeed, once a week students and faculty gather for a luncheon and a lecture or discussion on a topic of interest in IT, computer science, mathematics and other STEM disciplines. Because Savannah serves as the business and manufacturing center for southeast Georgia, students find many education work opportunities off campus. Additionally, campus academic computing services, College of Science and Technology and other colleges and departments employ many information technology students on-campus.

Information Technology students have 24-hour access to academic computing laboratories and daytime access to a multi-media classroom. Among the equipment found in these locations are personal computers and workstations running Windows or Linux operating systems. All of these machines are connected to a campus network to allow access to all campus servers and access to the Internet. Off-campus students are able to connect to campus facilities using remote access clients. Our university is wireless accessible throughout the campus. A number of Tablet PCs, PDAs, routers and LEGO robots are used in some classes.

Course of Study

Students must complete at least 54 hours in IT and computer science courses. In addition, they complete three courses in mathematics, two science courses, a course in technical writing and two courses in Economics. Algebra is a prerequisite for taking the first course in the Information Technology major.