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26 Dr. George Shields, former Professor of Chemistry, receives ACS National Award
24 Kaye Archer, BS Physics Graduate gives presentation in the George Shields ACS Award Symposium
20 Blair Weaver - B.S. Biochemistry Major Honored as 2015 Armstrong State University Georgia Legislativ
12 Charles Murray, BS Chemistry Alumni from Fall 2011 Publishes Two Papers
11 Drs. Baird, Padgett and Secrest publish in Physics Education
11 Dr. Baird publishes a paper in the journal Aviation, Space and Environmental Medicine
11 Delia Singleton presents a paper on “Synthesis of fluorinated substrate analogs for nitroreductase
11 Yanairie Caraballo presents a paper on “Biocatalytic Reduction of chalcone derivatives” at SERMACS


27 Dr. Wayne Johnson and Prof. Angela Horne (Art) visited May Howard Elementary
27 Maya West, BS ACS Chemistry Alumnus, presents a paper at the Emerging Researchers National Conferenc
27 Macy McNair, BS Chemistry major (May 2015) has been accepted to study medicine at the Morehouse Scho
21 Dr. Goeser and ESP student, Savannah Crawford, present at Girls Engineering It Day
13 Stephen Kennedy presents a paper on “Biocatalytic Reduction of a variety of aromatic nitro compound
13 Sarah Shafer presents a paper on “Using spectrophotometric methods to calibrate an ISFET pH electro
13 Kim Mandigo, Biochemistry Major, is First Recipient of Dean’s List Scholarship for Academic Achievem
13 Chemistry and Physics Dean’s List Recipients for Fall 2014
03 Michael Underwood presents a paper on “Exploring biocatalytic reductions using a library of ketored
03 Dr. Marco Bonizzoni from the University of Alabama visits the Armstrong Chemistry Program
03 Armstrong Pre-Pharmacy Club has first meeting of Spring 2015 Semester


26 Aaryn Rogers presents a paper on “Synthesis of multi-nucleating ligand platform using ferrocene” at
26 Shana Robinson presents a paper on “Remediation of metal cations from water using hydrogels” at SER
26 Eight chemistry faculty are awarded 2015 Research and Scholarship Grants
20 Sydney Toney presents a paper at SEAPS 2014 titled “Simulating Supernova Neutrinos in the HALO and ”
20 Sydney Toney presents a paper at SEAPS 2014 titled “Simulating Supernova Neutrinos in the HALO and ”
20 David Corbin and Amanda McGuire l present a paper on “Synthesis of multimetallic complexes to promo
20 Christopher Belflower, Andrew Goetz, Dee Hayward, Emily Marye and Pamiela Metzger present a paper on
20 Alexis Fields and Dane Zurwell present a paper on “Preparation of n-6-p-cymene ruthenium(II) iodo a
20 Dr. Padgett Publishes a Paper with Undergraduate Student Marie Priest in the IJCM
14 Drs. Elcoro and McCarley Co-publish an Article



18 Engineering Studies summer programs mentioned as ASU Named to 2015 STEM Jobs Approved Colleges
11 Engineering Studies student Travis King assists Dr. Joshua Lambert with 3D bridge project
10 Dr. Wayne Johnson selected to review a paper for the Additive Manufacturing Journal
05 Dr. Goeser and Dr. Murphy recognized by the Board of Regents


24 Dr. Brandon Quillian Publishes a Paper in Inorganic Chemistry on C-H Activation of Pyrazolyl Ligands
24 Andrew Goetz presents a paper on “Synthesis of novel tetralone-furan chalcones and their biologica
24 Pamela Metzger presents a paper on “Pre-freshman organic chemistry research experience in anti-canc
24 Tobias Friedrich-Moe presents a paper on “Investigation of the membrane instering regions within hu
17 Chemistry faculty Carpenter and Wallace publish paper in the Chemical Educator
17 Alexis Fields and Amanda Murrell present a paper on “Silver triflate promoted dehydration and vinyl
17 Wais Mojadedi presents a paper on the “Protein purification - Incoporation of an FPLC into the under
10 Dr. Mitch Weiland Publishes a Paper in the Journal Molecular Immunology
10 Berkley Griffin presents a paper on the “Development of Inexpensive CO2 Sensors for Gas Flux Analysi
10 Adela Casas presents a paper on the “Optimization of reaction conditions for an amine dehyrdogenase
07 Dr. Feske’s Undergraduate Research Featured:  IN THE LAB: CREATING PHARMACEUTICALS FROM ENZYMES
05 Former Professor of Chemistry George Shields Wins ACS National Award for Undergraduate Research
05 Dr. Wallace and the Edison Laboratory are Featured in Chemical and Engineering News!!
04 Armstrong Chemistry Celebrates Mole Day with 36 Effingham High School Students
04 Blair Weaver presents a paper on the “Synthesis of a Natural Product Caerulomycin Derivative” at SER
04 Twenty Students and Six Faculty Attend SERMACS 2014 in Nashville to Present Nineteen Papers
03 Pre-Pharmacy Club Hosts Representative from Mercer University
03 Armstrong Pre-Pharmacy Club Hosts Alumnus Kerry Nelson


30 Armstrong SAACS Recognized by the American Chemical Society for 2013-2014 Activities
30 Dr Quillian Participates in Panel Discussion to Celebrate National Chemistry Week
29 Pre-Med Committee Hosts Georgia Regents University
23 Dr. Cliff Padgett (chemistry) authors a Chapter in the Handbook of Nanoscience, Technology and Engin
23 Armstrong Pre-Pharmacy Club Hosts South University College of Pharmacy
16 Drs. Feske and Padgett Publish Paper with Two Undergraduate Co-authors
16 Department Faculty Receive 2014 Summer Funding for Special Projects
16 Robert A. Kolodny Memorial Scholarships Are Announced by the Department of Chemistry and Physics
07 CHEM 4600, Geochemistry, visits Providence Canyon State Park
07 Student Affiliates of the ACS participate in Liberty County Elementary School’s annual Science Night
07 The Pre-Medical Association Hosts Renee Gresham-Crawford from Compassionate Care Hospice
03 Armstrong Hosts Dr. Jessica Kogel from Imerys
03 Dr Baird (physics) Publishes a Paper in the journal Physics Education
03 Bo Culjan and Keith Sullivan are Awarded the 2014-2015 Dorminey Scholarship from the Department of C
03 Dr. Natalie Romano joins the faculty at Armstrong as Temporary Instructor
01 Engineering Studies students assist Dr. Elakaye Eley (College of Education) with 3D printer


25 Donna Mullenax, Physics, Hosts Georgia Rocks and Minerals Workshop for K-8 Science Teachers
25 Three Members of the Chemistry and Physics Department Recognized for Service to Armstrong
25 Armstrong Pre-Pharmacy Club Hosts a Visit from the UGA College of Pharmacy
09 Armstrong Pre-Medical Association Holds First Meeting of 2014-2015
09 Armstrong’s Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society Hold First Meeting of 2014-15
08 Dr. Nicole Davis joins the faculty at Armstrong as Temporary Instructor
08 Professor Mullenax Offers a Georgia Barrier Islands Workshop
08 Armstrong’s Pre-Pharmacy Club Hosts Visitors from PCOM and South University


20 Suzy Carpenter, Chemistry, is a Contributing Author to the Barron’s PCAT 6th Edition
20 Delia Singleton is Awarded the 2014-2015 Kemira Pigments Scholarship
18 Professor Mullenax Offers a Georgia Landforms Workshop
18 Drs. Feske and Padgett published a paper with former students Maya West and Phung Hoang Nguyen
01 Chemistry Program is Awarded 11 Complete College Georgia Student Positions for 2014-2015
01 Jeremy Olson, BS Chemistry 2003, Accepts Tenure-Track Position at Judson College


29 Chemistry and Physics Faculty Receive College of Science and Technology Summer Research Support for
29 Chemistry Faculty Receive Internal Funding for Summer Projects
24 Dr. Wayne Johnson and three Armstrong students publish a paper in the Rapid Prototyping Journal
02 Psychology Alumna, Jenna Birch (Class of 2014), Honored in her Profession
02 Psychology Faculty Member Publishes an Article with Students and Colleagues
01 Dr. Coates’ Each One Teach One program awarded an Excellence in Education certificate


16 Dr. Cliff Padgett and Amanda McGuire publish in the Handbook of Nanomaterials
16 Professor Mullenax’s publication is “Top Ten” of the year for the Physics Teacher Journal
13 Psychology Faculty Member Publishes an Article
04 Psychology faculty and alumni present


20 Dr. Wayne Johnson co-authors a poster at the 61th Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine
20 Dr. Wayne Johnson selected to review a paper for the Rapid Prototyping Journal
09 Dr Baird (physics) Publishes a Paper in the AAPT Journal The Physics Teacher
09 Ten Chemistry and Physics Faculty Receive Summer Research Session Funding
01 Psychology Students Present at Armstrong’s 2014 Student Scholars Symposium


30 Engineering Studies student Zachary Copeland presents a poster on modeling biological structures
29 Psychology Faculty Member and Complete College Georgia-Funded Student Co-present
26 Engineering Design Challenge 2014 held