Curriculum Committee

Mission and Duties

  • The mission of the CST Curriculum Committee is to consider proposals for new courses, course modifications, new degree programs, majors, and minors, and make recommendations to the University Curriculum Committee.
  • The committee will submit minutes of meetings and an annual report.


  • The committee shall meet two weeks prior to the scheduled University Curriculum Meeting in the Fall and Spring semesters, if items for consideration have been submitted.
  • Items submitted by Departments/Programs must be submitted at least one week prior to the scheduled Curriculum Meeting to be placed on the agenda.
  • The schedule of meetings shall be announced at the beginning of each semester.
  • Special meetings can be called by the Chair or by a majority vote of the members.
  • Meeting Minutes will be posted online beginning in 2012-2013 School year.  Click here for  agendas and minutes.


  • The committee shall consist of one faculty member from each Department/Program in the College of Science and Technology.
  • Members serve the committee for terms of 2 years.  Members can be re-elected for a second 2 year term.
  • The Chair of the committee will be the Assistant Dean.


Dr. Delana Nivens (Assistant Dean, Chair)
Kathryn Craven, Biology
Josh Lambert-Math
Donna Mullenax--Chemistry and Physics
Josh Williams--Psychology
Ashraf Saad--CS&IT
Priya Gosser--Engineering Studies