Ms. Donna Mullenax receives funding for Wii workshop for physics teachers.
Ms. Donna Mullenax, physics, has been awarded $26,902 from the Improving Teacher Quality Grants Program to carry out an innovative workshop for science teachers using Wii controls and balance boards in their classrooms.  The workshop, to occur in the summer of 2012, will introduce teachers from Georgia to the physics behind these gaming controllers and boards for use in their classrooms.  The goal is to use this technology to help students better measure motion and forces at a much smaller cost than standard motion and force detectors while exciting students with novel technology.  Teachers will receive free software and learn how to integrate the controllers with their laptops.  The four day workshop will be held at Armstrong and will be a Wii of a time as teachers re-learn fundamental physics using innovative cutting-edge technology.  For more information, contact Professor Mullenax in the Department of Chemistry and Physics.