Dr. Brent Feske (chemistry), Dr. Todd Hizer (chemistry) and Dr. Scott Mateer (biology) have published a paper in the journal Tetrahedron Letters. The article, in the May 11, 2011, issue is titled “Biocatalytic strategy toward asymmetric (beta)-hydroxy nitriles and (gamma)-amino alcohols” and includes 5 undergraduate co-authors (Randall W. Nowill, Trisha J. Patel, David L. Beasley, Jose A. Alvarez, Elizah Jackson III) and a collaborator from the University of Florida (Ion Ghiviriga). This work was funded by a variety of sources including NSF-RUI grant CHE-0848708 from the Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry Program, NSF-MRI CHE-0923153, NSF-STEP 0856593 and is a result of collaborative efforts between the biology and chemistry and physics departments at AASU. The paper highlights new advances in biotechnology catalysis initiated by Dr. Feske’s research activities at Armstrong.  The work utilizes engineered E. coli to perform asymmetric organic  synthesis in a green chemistry environment to synthesize pharmaceutical intermediates for beta blockers and serotonin reuptake inhibitors.