Drs. Lynch and Nivens organize a symposium at the 242nd American Chemical Society Meeting in Denver Colorado
Dr. Will Lynch and Dr. Delana Nivens (chemistry) co-organized a symposium at the ACS National Meeting in Denver on August 28, 2011.  The symposium was titled “Greening Undergraduate Education:  Lecture and Laboratory Innovations."  The full day symposium was supported financially by the Green Chemistry and Engineering Subdivision of the Division of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry of the ACS.  The symposium is part of an growing commitment to “green” chemistry by the ACS and featured 14 invited speakers from across the United States and Canada.  All levels of chemistry instruction were presented from General Chemistry innovations to capstone senior projects.  The talks were designed to give attendees an insight into the latest adaptations of infusion of green chemistry principles to the chemistry curriculum and give them ideas to implement in their own institutions.