Drs. Brent Feske (Chemistry) and Scott Mateer (Biology) were selected to attend the National Science Foundation funded Crystallography for Chemists workshop at California State University in Pamona, CA.  The 5 day course (held June 19-24, 2011) taught attendees the fundamentals and theory of X-ray crystallography for both macromolecular and small molecules.  The on-site X-ray facilities were used at Cal. State-Pamona for hands on access to state of the art instrumentation.  The workshop also trained Drs. Feske and Mateer  to use the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource (SSRL) via remote video connection.  Dr. Brent Feske plans to utilize this training to crystallize enzymes that are a part of his enzyme library that he uses in his biocatalysis research as well as incorporate the information into his teaching.