Dr. Lea Padgett presented an invited seminar at the ACS National Meeting in the Greening Undergraduate Education symposium.
Dr. Lea Padgett presented a talk entitled “Green Conversion in the General Chemistry Laboratory:  Infusing Green Guided Inquiry Labs Throughout a Student’s Introductory Experience in Chemistry.”  The talk was co-authored by Drs. Todd Hizer, Cliff Padgett, Delana Nivens, Cathy MacGowan, Will Lynch and Ms. Yvonne Roach, all of the chemistry program at AASU.  The presentation was part of a symposium on Greening Chemistry Education at the 242nd ACS National Meeting in Denver Colorado.  The work presented the first year advances in greening general chemistry to improve student understanding and commitment to chemistry, lower waste disposal and reduce costs in the general chemistry sequence which traditionally involves over 500 AASU students per year.