Chemistry Faculty Receive Internal Funding for Summer Projects

Nine Armstrong chemistry faculty received internal support to extend their research projects or develop new courses.  Those receiving funding for Summer 2014 and their funded projects are:

Feske, Brent “ Optimization of the AmDH catalyzed Asymmetric Anine Synthesis Research Activity”
Gray, Sarah “Forensics Overhaul of CHEM 3300 - Instrumental Analysis Course Development”
Guillet, Gary  “Synthesis of Compounds”
Hizer ,Todd “Development of a New Course in Chemical History Course Development”
MacGowan, Cathy “Development of an Environmental Inquiry-Based Laboratory for General Chemistry: Investigating Crystal Structure of Dried Hydrogels”
Padgett, Clifford “The Modification of Physical Chemistry and X-ray Crystallography Courses”
Padgett, Lea “General Chemistry, Inside-Out Course Development”
Weiland, Mitch “Expression and Purification of a Chimera between Perfringolysin-O and Perforin”
Zingales, Sarah “Synthesizing novel compounds, analogs of the natural compounds chalcone and curcumin”