Armstrong chemistry students engage the public in Earth Day activities at Forsyth Park

The Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society (SAACS) at Armstrong teamed up with their colleagues at Savannah State and the Coastal Georgia Section of the American Chemical Society to participate in this year’s Earth Day activities sponsored by the City of Savannah.  On Saturday, April 21, the students and the ACS joined 100 exhibitors and thousands of visitors in celebrating Earth Day.  The ACS booth demonstrated some of the contributions that the discipline of chemistry has made in recent years to improve the health of our planet. This included the transformation of polystyrene which persists in the environment for thousands of years to biodegradable starch based materials that degrade instantly in water.  Also, the use of starch to produce the next generation of plastic materials.  Students from Armstrong and Savannah State, along with their chemistry colleagues, discussed these advances and their impact on the environment with visitors to their booth.