34 Students Participate in Undergraduate Research in the Department of Chemistry and Physics During Summer 2012.

34 students are working in 11 different research groups this summer in the Department of Chemistry and Physics solving complex scientific questions.  The students are being mentored by 12 faculty and staff as the try to solve problems on designing pharmaceuticals, using solar power to drive chemical reactions, nanotoxicity, computational chemistry and finding better ways to teach chemistry.  The students are funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) STEP Program (Nivens, PI), NSF RUI (Feske, PI), NSF TUES Green Chemistry (Lynch, PI) and by the Armstrong Atlantic State University Summer Research Session.

The students and their principal mentor(s) are listed.  Dr. Feske:  Richard Watkins, Blair Weaver, Sarah Franz, Ryan Oliff, Eric Branch, Ramon Hartage, Elizah Jacksonm Dr. MacGowan & Dr, Hizer:  Morgan Connor, Dr. C. Padgett:  Phung-Hoang Nguyen, Sam Bailey, Shyam  Sreekumar, Dr. L. Padgett:  Robert Batchelor, Kirsten Lunn, Dr. Lynch:  Ryan Groom, Mark Tanner, Dr. Baird:  Pranav Godbole, Nik Kratzer, Kyron Longwood.  Dr. Secrest:  Isaac D'Agostino, Cameron Riley, Evelyn Marcotte, Dr.Stone:  Jessica Van Antwerp, Stephanie Canonico-May, Jared Wagenaar, Delia Singleton, Melinda Dang.  Dr. Nivens:  Davey Fernandez, Katie McCormac, Dr. Weiland:  Julie Finnell, Y Tram Nguyen, Timothy Sutton, Benjamin Oliver  Dr. Quillian:  Mrinali Sharma, Matthew Trivitayakhun.