Chemistry & Physics

Six Undergraduates Present their Research at the 243rdAnnual Meeting of the American Chemical Society in San Diego California.
Cassie Connolly, Sarah Franz, Phung Nguyen, Richard Watkins (chemistry) and Brandon Stevenson, and Candance Poole (biology) attended the 243rdNational Meeting of the ACS in San Diego from March 25-29, 2012.  Each of the students presented papers in the spring national meeting which attracted 16,921 chemists.  The six students have been working on interdisciplinary projects between the Departments of Biology and Chemistry & Physics in the research labs of Drs. Feske, Mateer and Padgett.  The work has been support by the National Science Foundation through grants awarded through the Research at Undergraduate Institutions (RUI) program (Feske, Mateer and Padgett, PIs) and the Science Talent Expansion Program (STEP, Nivens and Ness, PIs).  The titles of the presentations were as follows: 
a) Identification of residues that specify substrate binding in the aldo-keto reductase, YDL124w, authored by, Faye Montgomery, Beth Budden, Maddy Roush, Cassandra Connelly, Andrea Orrego, Mike Page, Brandon Stevenson, Candance Poole, Clifford Padgett, Brent D Feske, Scott C Mateer,
b) Structure prediction using a homology mode of YOL151W, authored by Phung-Hoang Nguyen, Dr. Clifford W. Padgett, Dr. Brent D. Feske, Dr. Scott C. Mateer,
c) Synthesis of γ-keto nitriles and a biocatlytic approach to asymmetric lactones authored by Richard Watkins, Sarah Franz, Elizah Jackson, Mathew C Goss, Giuseppe Gumina, Brent Feske and
d) Asymmetric synthesis of chiral lactones using biocatalysis as the key step authored by Sarah Franz, Richard Watkins, Jackson III Elizah, Mathew Cody Goss, Giuseppe Gumina, Brent Feske