Chemistry & Physics

National Science Foundation Grants Support Student Presentations at the 2012 Armstrong Student Scholars Symposium
A number of chemistry and physics majors who have participated in undergraduate research presented their scientific outcomes at the annual scholar’s symposium on the Armstrong campus on April 26, 2012.  The students were supported by the National Science Foundation STEP Program (Nivens, chemistry PI: STEP: Bridging the Gap: Using Research and Learning Communities to Increase STEM Majors, NSF 0856593), MRI Program (Feske, chemistry PI:  MRI: Acquisition of an LCMS-TOF Mass Spectrometer for Interdisciplinary Research, NSF 0923153)  and RUI Program (Feske, chemistry PI:  RUI: Interdisciplinary Collaboration to Expand Asymmetric Synthesis through Biocatalysis, NSF 0848708).  The students, their faculty mentors and titles are as follows:
  1. Cassandra Connolly, Madelyn Roush, Candace Poole and Brandon Stevenson, Dr. Brent Feske (chemistry), Dr. Scott Mateer (biology), “Identification of Residues that Specify Substrate Binding in the Aldo-keto Reductase, YDL123w”.
  2. Akash Mathew, Dr. Bill Baird (physics), “Use of Video Game Hardware in Scientific Education”.
  3. Pranav Godbole, Nicholas Kratzer, Dr. Bill Baird (physics), “Measuring Vibrations: A Capacitance-based Approach”.
  4. Richard Watkins, Elizah Jackson III, Dr. Brent Feske (chemistry), “Synthesis of Y-ketonitriles and a Biocatalytic Approach to Asymmetric Lactones”.
  5. Chaney Durham, Greg J. Murrell, Dr. Clifford Padgett (chemistry), “Enumeration and Study of Substituted Benzenes an Naphthalenes”.
  6. Elizabeth Barholomew, Phung-Hoang Nguyen, Dr. Clifford Padgett (chemistry), “Structure Predication Using a Homology Mode of YOL151W”.
  7. Madelyn Roush, Brandon Stevenson, Cassandra Connolly, Candace Poole, Dr. Scott Mateer (biology), Dr. Brent Feske (chemistry), Dr. Clifford Padgett (chemistry), “Characterizing Substrate-Specificity in the Aldo-ketoreductase, YDL 124W”.
  8. Matthew Goss, Sarah Franz, Dr. Brent Feske (chemistry), “Asymmetric Synthesis of Chiral Lactones using Biocatalysis as the Key Step”.
  9. Kathleen McCormac, Davey Fernandez, Dr. Delana Nivens (chemistry), Dr. Will Lynch (chemistry), “Photodegradation of Brominated Organic Pollutants by Nanoparticles”.
  10. Caleb Richards, Dr. William Baird (physics), “Applications of Thermography in Medical and Laboratory Settings”.
  11. Ryan Groom, Dr. Will Lynch (chemistry), Dr. Delana Nivens, (chemistry), “Studies on the Catalytic Dehalogenation of Environmental Contaminants”.
  12. Isaac D’Agostino, Dr. Jeffery Secrest (physics), “SNOLAB Proto-Computer Farm”.
  13. Mark Tanner, Ryan Groom, Robert Cook, Dr. Will Lynch (chemistry), Dr. Delana Nivens (chemistry), “Cerium Dioxide: The Living and the Dead”.